Vancouver French Bulldogs

Hello Frenchie Lover!

We are family owned and breeding in the city of Kelowna located in beautiful British Columbia. We specialize exclusively in quality rare French Bulldogs and we have been breeding for a total of four rewarding years. Learn more about our Frenchies on our website or stop by and see our current puppies!

We focus on health, structure and quality temperaments of our French Bulldogs.

Above all else, we love each French Bulldog puppy unconditionally and we focus on quality over quantity. As such, our circle is small and friendly!

NEWS: We have new litters!

We are anticipating new litters of Frenchie puppies in the fall. Our puppies can be reserved in advance with a deposit. 

Nanny Service: Doggie Delivery

If you don’t live in the Vancouver area, we can still make sure that your new member of the family gets home to you. Just ask us about our nanny service! We will fly your new baby to you, ensuring that your Frenchie arrives safe and sound.

Do You Love Our Frenchie Photos?

Some of the best images of our french bulldogs on our website (including the image at the top of this page) were taken by Vancouver Pet Photographythank you for capturing these adorable moments! If you are considering getting professional photos of your cherished pets, please contact this talented and professional local company, you won’t regret it!