The super cute and easily adaptable French Bulldog is one of the most popular dogs right now. If you’re a Frenchie lover and are planning to buy one soon, it’s important to understand that Frenchies are a very unique breed. Here are some general facts that you need to know about the breed before taking the next step and contacting us!

About The French Bulldog Breed

French bulldogs belong to the companion dog breed group – they are bred to be your best friend! They cannot be used for security, hunting or any other sort of work. The only thing a companion pet can be of used for is to cuddle with and love and provide company to their human caretaker! Other dogs that belong to this breed group include: Boston Terrier, Bulldog, American Eskimo Dog, Bolognese Dog.

Size and Weight

This little creature is just 10 to 12 inches tall, with a male French Bulldog weighing approximately 20 to 28 pounds while a female weighs around 16 to 24 pounds. Can you imagine these cute little puppies running around your house? A little bonus for you as an owner – they don’t need to do regular exercises to maintain a healthy weight. A little walk down the lane is all your family pet will need to stay in shape!

House Training a Frenchie

It might be a little difficult to train and adapt French Bull Dogs because they are a little messy to deal with and if you are a cleanaholic they might create a little problem. They are like to shedding their hair and drooling here and there in your house. They also get gassy often and it creates an unpleasant atmosphere in your house. But where there is a will, there is a way. They might be difficult for you to handle initially but both of you get used to each other over the period of time.

Frenchies Are Sensitive to Heat

French Bull Dogs are a little sensitive to heat and high temperature. Thus, they must be supervised in summers—make sure that you bathe them and do not indulge them in arduous tasks that makes them sweaty.

French Bulldogs are Generally Quiet

French Bulldogs don’t tend to bark a lot without some serious reason. Although there can be some exceptions and it can vary from one dog to another but overall this breed doesn’t make much noise. This can be a bonus if you’re sensitive noise or live in an apartment where you don’t want others to get disturbed because of your dog.

They are suckers for love and attention!

As companion dogs, they are a sucker for love and attention. They seek for human company and can’t stay without any human contact for a long period of time. You might find it a little funny but they want to be the center of attention of their owner. If an owner doesn’t have enough time for their new pet, this improper care might result in a puppy that’s a little moody and difficult to handle. So if you are planning to buy this breed of dog, make sure you have enough time and love to give them – you won’t regret it!